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5 Startup gurus or influencers you must follow on LinkedIn

The impact of social media on every aspect of human life is massive in the present day. Be it entertainment, communication or job searching we do it all using various social media platforms. LinkedIn is one such platform. Originally an American company the platform was conceived to deliver employment oriented service. It facilitates usage via both mobile application and websites. It is a celebrated professional networking multi dimensional platform. Various influencers make use of the platform to spread awareness on varied topics. The platform is well utilised to connect employers with the prospective employees.

Influencers on social platforms carry out the robust task of energising young fresh minds. Their words help us assemble the discrete pieces of the puzzle called adulthood. The importance of a startup guru to be an influencer on the celebrated platform called LinkedIn is unparallel. The highlight of how to survive diverse industry regime and ace it is the reason of the success of the startup influencers. Let’s look closely into the details of the top 5 startup influencers you ought to follow on LinkedIn.

  • Ankur Warikoo: The popular e-commerce firm based out of India named is the dream project of the talented personal named Ankur Warikoo. Founded in 2010 serves as a web based travel guide to customers. The bigger reason for the popularity of Ankur Warikoo is his short motivational videos ranging for duration of 30 to 60 seconds. Academically a student of management and science, Ankur has built a huge follower base on LinkedIn owing to his emotional quotients displayed on the uploaded videos. His “how to stop feeling bad” video had picked “like” like selling hot cakes. Apart from the motivational videos his posts on entrepreneurship challenges and life in general have had a massive impact.

  • Aivral Bhatnagar: Capitalist Aviral Bahtnagar has given great shape to his ideas and enlightenment. An alumnus of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad, the bright mind has over 50 thousands followers on LinkedIn. The followers range from founders, CEOs to VPs. Bhatnagar’s post on career safety nets has brought into light the importance and at the same time the advantage of possessing a degree from a reputed educational institution. Snippets of discussion between IIT graduates showed clearly how a stamp from IIT gave them immense courage to take risky and unconventional career path with the assurance to fall back on the degree. Aviral’s post on the issue helped set a stage for meaningful discussion.

  • Dr Aniruddha Malpani: Dr Aniruddha Malpani, the co founder of Malpani Infertility Clinic, is a brilliant IVF specialist. An effort of Dr Anjali Malpani and Dr Aniruddha Malpani, the clinic is a specialised institution with state of the art technology. Alongside being a doctor, he is also an angel investor. With almost 2 lakhs followers on LinkedIn the doctor specialises in spreading consciousness as to how an investor’s psychology works. His tips as to why generic messages and emails to investors directly demanding funds can have no impact. His suggestions of learning about the investor’s background and sending customised messages are a huge hit among his followers. He works unconditionally to bridge the gap between investors and upcoming industrialists. He himself funds various budding entrepreneurs.

  • Karthik Srinivasan: Karthik Srinivasan is a popular communication consultant. He broke all ties with his permanent job in 2018 to become a full time consultant. LinkedIn has served as a multidimensional platform to link him with his clients. His over two decades of professional experience in conceiving, growing and managing brand perception across numerous agencies and diversified background clients have been of immense utility to set stage as a consultant. His posts on importance of localising advertisement in line with the region in which the ads are showcased have been massively praised. His views on the importance of social media as a marketing platform have gained numerous shares.

  • Mahesh Murthy: Mahesh Murthy is a marketing specialist. The investor is the founding father of digital firm called Pinstorm, headquartered in Mumbai. The celebrated speaker has gained immense popularity amongst the new founders. His tip on extending beyond geographical boundaries via utilising web platforms like Skype has boosted up many starters. Followers immensely liked his idea about creating a new sector as entering an already existing one is much difficult. This boosted the spirit of individuals to be a trend setter rather than being a trend follower. His suggestion of cultivating marketing IQ helping to cut down immensely on the marketing budget has shown new direction to his followers. Thousands of followers getting influenced every day by the learned speaker is a great blessing.

Following influencers or gurus on LinkedIn can be beneficial in numerous dimensions. You are sure to get regular updates of business developments. Tapping the upcoming and new trends become much easier. You could even join debates and discussions on the relevant issues. This is sure to enhance your exposure to the world and even boost confidence to speak out in public. The various inspirational posts by the celebrated influencers could spur the vigour within. Industry secrets gets revealed in the process and enlightenment in these issues is always a big plus when trying to find a place in the commercial domain.