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Choose a business name -stand out in the crowd

If you are dealing with gnawing sense to name your business and you try to shove it off for some time-please do not do it. Your business idea may be unique, or you can have many budding and existing competition. No matter what, a well-conceived name will not only add value to your business idea but can keep it etched in the minds of prospective clients. So before we tell you how to choose a business name, there are other things we would like to share.

Maybe, first we should try and tell you why a good name for your business is so important.

  1. A good name can spread like a bonfire: if your potential customers like your name, they will more easily repeat it and it will have a wider reach in a short span of time.

  2. They are like the “first impression is the last impression”: Even before people know your product or service, a good name will already make its own place in the hearts of the readers and they will feel curious to know what do you offer.

  3. It can generate media coverage: Did you know that even journalists like writing about sticky names? Because even they want more readers and viewership on their page just like you.

  4. It reflects what do you think of your business: Charity begins at home! If you do not care how you feel about your business, why do you think others will? A name will decide how serious you are about your business and how you want it perceived by others.

So that should end the debate of how and why the name of your company is so relevant.

Now we will tell you how to select a name that will be the torchbearer of your success:

    Let us get started with the “Do not”
  1. No stressing, Declutter, and relax: Many would tell you to do this at the end of the whole read. But we know the importance of your peace of mind in selecting a good name. Do not fret, take some days or weeks to freeze and come up with a name.

  2. Do not involve a committee:As rightly said, too many cooks spoil the broth, please keep away all your well-wishers from brainstorming a name if they are not direct stakeholders. Feedback is important, but you are the best bet for selecting the name of your business.

  3. Do not limit the name to any location: it may sound very focused when you are taking the baby steps with your business. Later when you grow (it may seem a far-fetched idea now), but trust us, it can become a headache. Directories can get confused with your service availability. That is not worth it!
    For example, if you choose to coach people on lifestyle in Mumbai and name it “Mumbai breathes” what if your style reaches other cities? Shall they stop breathing?

  4. Do not restrict it to a product/service line:If you plan to name your service as “Edumaths” since you teach maths-think twice? What if some friend joins you tomorrow to offer coaching on computers? What if you decide to teach science to kids later? The name stands null. So, think better.

  5. Too hard to spell, pronounce or understand: The idea of fancy name can be your “go-to”. But if people cannot relate to it or feel disgusted at even naming it, your efforts are wasted. For example the business Lego which creates amazing campaigns, a simple name to remember.

  6. Do not shy away from changing it:If the name chosen by you dies not resonate with the idea of your business, do not be stubborn to assume it will work out. Just change it because it is all about your business and more clientele.

We have given you a fair idea of what to avoid, now time for what to do while selecting a good name.

  1. Choose a “roll off the tongue” name:What we mean is choose a short and vibrant name which can be fun for your users to say. One word is fantastic, two can also work wonders, but if you choose three, then make sure it is very short and trendy. People should love to recommend your name like “I Say Organic” and associate with anything organic.

  2. Keep a check on the domain name: once you zero in on a name you would like to see if the domain name is available or not. No one other than you should have the .com domain name. Take help from online tools for this, and we can help you with that.

  3. Etch the picture of your logo in mind: The name you choose should resonate with the logo you pick for your business. For example, the soap brand Dove; it has a small dove as its logo which signifies freedom, feel good. Even though it’s a cosmetic product for women, they understood it right that women just don’t want to look good but primarily feel good.

  4. .Make use of naming tools: The onus is not on you alone. There are several tools like Namechk, Naminum, and more to help you in deciding the unique name for your business. Follow us to know more about them.

  5. Check for social media handles: If you thought social media was for news feed and update check, time for reality check! -your branding must stay consistent across all social media platforms when starting with the name of the business. So keep a check on it just like the domain name search.

  6. Check on your satisfaction quotient:After all the work of freezing it, friends and family applauding you on the unique name- Are you happy? Ask yourself if you are associating the idea of business with the name? do you feel a sense of ownership? If Yes! Then you are good to go.

So this how to choose a business name and stay indelible for long.