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Some start-up books you must grab right away

We assume, you are that free-spirited person who wishes to work on her or his terms and so you are here. Yes, entrepreneurs are a rare breed dictating their own boundaries and work life. But did you know 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs leave their business even before it gets to see its first birthday?

That is because there were many things which no one told them they should avoid-Mistakes. We, at start-up made will get you equipped with the framework that you need to launch your business. But in the meanwhile, why don’t you try reading some great books that will ensure your business idea see the light of the day.

For your ease, we have divided the books into three genres.

  1. Books that inspire you to create: In this section we will talk about the importance of offering something different that makes you stand tall and strong in the crowd. The list are as below:

    • Innovator's dilemma: The book by Clayton M. Christensen aims to find the answer to a pertinent question that why do businesses don’t make it in spite of doing everything more than perfect? It has ruled the charts for a decade owing to the importance it attached to the innovation quotient of any business.

    • Crossing the Chasm: Geoffrey A Moore's book can be the bible for you if you are a tech entrepreneur to be. It opens up new realms of high tech-marketing. It also tells you the role of internet as an amazing “brahmastra” for your technology-based offerings.

    • Zero to One: Author Peter Thiel and Blake Masters talk about treading the unknown path and leave behind all those things that have been tried and tested too much. Most ideas concentrate on working on other people's ideas and improving them. But instead they should try to bring something new to the table for sustainability.

    • Screw it Lets do it: Sounds very cool ain’t? Sir Richard Branson also thought it is as he goes to propound the thought that if you know you are bringing something different on the table, no matter what! Just keep trying till you make it.

    • Never too late to start-up: Rob Kornblum is a venture capitalist who in this book tells us how the stage of your life or your age can never be an excuse to shy away from your business idea. In his book, he has captured the thoughts and ideas of many entrepreneurs who at most inopportune age or moment when it apparently looks too late to start up actually made their businesses work.

  2. Books that teach you product management: This category aims to identify your niche and how you can nurture it to grow your business.

    • The lean start-up: Eric Ries in his book talks about how to stay focused to the needs of the business. It aims to side-line all other activities like customer care, fortifications of team and great employee compensation at a time when your business can’t afford it. Company profits should be in the minds of entrepreneurs while building the business in this stage.

    • The E myth revisited: Michael E Gerber is considered to be the guru to go for small businesses. He talks about dispelling the myths shrouding the ideas of small businesses. Read this book to find out the major difference of working in a business and working on a business.

    • The $100 start-up: This book takes care of the wanderlust in you, Chris Guillebeau talks about how to convert your passion into a money making tool. It teaches you to be fearless, yet smart by starting small initially, all the while ensuring a consistent income. But taking the plunge when it is required.

    • The Startup owner's manual: If you ever felt that it would be wonderful to have a tool kit for your start up, then this book by Steve Blake is something irresistible for you. It talks about customer relations and business modelling tools required to make your business scalable. It addresses creative strategies to expand your customer base gradually.

    • How to transform your ideas into software products: Sounds confusing? Not once after you read the book. The book by Poornima Vijayashanker inspires you to sell your products even before it is fully formed. It tells you the ingredients for making successful software products that are ready to be sold.

    • Running lean: The book by Ash Maurya, talks about why businesses fail despite of their capabilities to churn out their products in great numbers. They fail not because of the fact that they could not stand a chance of competition but because the product itself is wrong, and are not meant to be the way they are. Money gets wasted and owners turn broke. It talks about methodical ways to vet the products and ideas and invest only on those that are pertinent.

  3. Books that talk about more growth Once you start your business, you need to ensure growth and never grow complacent with what you achieved. If you ever grow too conceited, then chances are that you may get wiped out of business. So, let’s talk about those books that you must read which will crack open your strategies for more growth.

    • The checklist manifesto: How to get things right: Atul Gawande in his book asks business goers to improve on things through simple ways. And to keep track of it, one must maintain a checklist and keep ticking them to track his or her milestones. And maybe, once in a while you should rest as betterment does not have to be all encompassing.

    • The Four steps to the epiphany: Again, another book by Steve Blank, which raises a very important point for small business owners. They need to understand that their businesses are unique and not smaller editions of bigger businesses. They operate under different circumstances. In this book he talks about 4 steps to bring a start up from its birth to the next level.

      While we at startupmade work for your induction, you harp on this book to understand your next move.

    • Traction: It talks about the consistency with which any business should focus on acquiring new customers. Gabrielle Weinberg and Justin Mares share their success story and stresses that it is more important to acquire customers than focussing on clever marketing strategies and raising money. Traction or growth in other words can ensure that your business is on the right path.

    • The 7 day start up: As you hear it from the Horse's mouth, Dan Norris's revelation will make you feel motivated to ensure sustainable cash flows in 7 days just. Yes, wonders happen in 7 days, just like startup made gets you ready for your formal launch in 7 days, while you read the ideas of growth in this book from Norris.

    • The art of start: Guy Kawasaki captures simplistically the journey to ramp up your business gradually. He talks about the strategies required for starting correctly and then opening branches or franchises as and when required.

We at start up made want to help you started and with this we bring to you a collection of great must read books when you are about to start, about to grow and about to bask in the glory of your success.